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You will have received in recent days correspondence from the HSE with regard to Lidocaine 5% medicated plasters (Versatis).

On behalf of our GP members the IMO raised this issue with the HSE and Department of Health and advised that issues surrounding Medicine Management and Quality Prescribing are best dealt with in the context of the contract negotiations with the IMO. 

It has now been agreed that the parties (IMO, Department of Health and HSE) will engage in an accelerated and time limited process on a Medicine Management and Prescribing Initiative with a view to reaching an agreement whereby an element of the validated net savings from any such initiatives will be available for the ongoing development of General Practice with particular emphasis on infrastructural costs associated with the provision of service.  It is further agreed that the Versatis initiative will form the proof of concept for these discussions and that any savings generated from this phase will be included in the wider initiative.

The IMO position is that a planned and agreed Quality Prescribing Initiative will involve significant input and workload by GPs which requires appropriate resourcing for it to be effective and ensure ongoing best care for patients.

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