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IMO Annual General Meeting 2019 Timetable




Thursday 25th April


3pm                     Opening Session

Minutes, Annual Report, Treasurer’s Report, Results of Elections, Deceased Members


3.30pm               General Motions


7pm                     Seminar 1: Opportunities to Learn or Rush to Judgement

An expert panel will examine the reaction to adverse health events and look at how the political system, media, medical profession and patients respond.  The session will address issues around opportunities to learn and improve, how confidence in health systems are affected and what we can do better in terms of our response.  


8.30pm               Outgoing Presidents Address and Handing Over of Chain of Office

Dr Peadar Gilligan will address delegates at the end of his term of office and Dr Padraig McGarry will accept the Presidential Chain of Office


9pm                     Buffet Supper for Delegates and Guests


Friday, 26th April



2pm                     Seminar 2: Climate Change and the Impact on Health

Our speaker will identify the key climate change issues that are having an effect on both population health and individual health today and what may happen in the future if no action is taken


3pm                     Seminar 3: The Road Less Travelled

This session will hear from doctors who used their medical training and knowledge to work in very challenging situations abroad in war torn and developing regions of the world.


4.30pm               Seminar 5: Communicating with Vulnerable Patients

Many patients presenting to the health services are extremely vulnerable and this leads to particular challenges to frontline staff in doing their best to communicate appropriately in caring for these patients.  This session will explore methods of communication and building relationships between doctor and patient in challenging circumstances.



5.30pm               Seminar 4: Treating Concussion – An Overview

A leading expert in sports medicine will examine new treatments for concussion both on and off the field



7.15pm               Seminar 6: Economic Trends and Your Financial Future

IMO Financial Services will host this event to give an overview of economic trends and market performance that may affect your financial future and the importance of financial planning.



Saturday 27th April


9am – 12 noon National Specialty Meetings


12pm                  Seminar 7: Capacity and Reform            

While there is much talk about reform the health services through Slaintecare there is little discussion on the need to rapidly increase capacity both in terms of physical infrastructure and staffing requirements in the health system.  This session will examine how we need to move forward and the problems of capacity moving apace with reform.


1.30pm               Meetings of IMO Specialty Committees and IMO Council


2.30pm               Seminar 8: Creating a safe and quality environment for patients and doctors

This session will examine pathways which can lead to improvements in safety and quality for patients.


3.30pm               Seminar 9: Open Disclosure (Patient Safety Bill)

This seminar will look at the provisions contained in the proposed legislation on mandatory open disclosure, what it will mean for the practice of medicine in Ireland and what will be expected of the profession.  Critically the session will also examine the need to support, train and resource doctors and the system to allow disclosure to be dealt with for the benefit of patients.


4.30pm               Seminar 10: Ask the Medical Council

The Medical Council will outline the provisions of the Regulated Professions (Health and Social Care) (Amendment) Bill 2019 and what this will mean for the profession and the role of the Medical Council. 


7.30pm               Presidents Address, Dr Padraig McGarry

                             Cocktail Reception and Gala Banquet

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