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The IMO Personal Cases Unit of the IMO Industrial Relations Unit is dedicated to providing an efficient and personalised service to each member with regard to individual IR issues. For NCHDs in particular these issues can include rostering problems, lack of locum cover, salary issues, non- payment of overtime, difficulties in accessing training, grievance and disciplinary issues and contracts of indefinite duration.

The IMO Personal Cases Unit was set up in August 2010 and since that time has successfully represented significant numbers of members. In seeking to resolve issues, the Unit will generally engage in local correspondence with the relevant hospital personnel in the first instance. Where this is not possible or agreement cannot be reached at a local level, the Personal Cases Unit will refer matters to a relevant third party including the Labour Relations Commission and Labour Court for adjudication. Our Industrial Relations Officers will advise on the correct forum and legislation to refer the matter under and will compile a written submission on the members’ behalf. The Personal Cases Unit will also represent members on the day of hearing and will help guide members through the process.

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