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COP-Sectoral Bargaining Update

As you are aware the IMO have been seeking improved conditions for COPs and the implementation of the Devine report recommendations for some time. Under the national pay agreement “Building Momentum” which was ratified by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) of which the IMO is a member, provision was made for Sectoral Bargaining.


Under sectoral bargaining, different sectors could use up to 1% of the total basic pay bill for their sector to address outstanding claims and awards. The IMO submitted the COP issue (as well as longstanding AMO issue and Occupational Health Physician issue) under this heading and had extensive engagement with the Department of Health and HSE on the matter prior to Christmas with substantive agreement between the sides.


Since the New Year however, engagement has ceased on the state side and the IMO wrote to the Department recently and a copy of the correspondence can be seen here.


There has been no further response from the state side and the IMO  are now moving to instigate the dispute resolution procedures under the Sectoral bargaining process. The ultimate arbiter for the dispute is the Labour Court but the issue must first be raised in the relevant sectoral oversight group which we have now done.


We will be updating all members on this as the matter as we move through the dispute resolution process or if there is further re-engagement.  

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