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Nobody looks forward to exam time. At the best of times it can be stressful, worrying and daunting. You need to be prepared. Follow these useful tips to help you on your way!

1. Understand what you have to do

Make a list of all your subjects and exams and when they are on. Understanding the task on hand can give you piece of mind and help you structure your study time in an efficient way. Make revision checklists and timetable. Plan to get a certain number of sections covered each week. Stick to this plan to get everything done.

2. Revise in sections

Don’t try doing too much too soon. Break up each subject into easy digestible sections that can be revised repeatedly and frequently.

3. Talk!

To lecturers, classmates and other medical students! Make an appointment with your lecturer to make sure you have a good idea on what is expected throughout the whole examination process. The more information you have the less you will get stressed. Classmates are another excellent source of information. Missed a class? Need help but don’t have time to see the lecturer? Your classmates might just be able to help you. They are also an invaluable support system that will get you through some stressful times. You might even find a study partner!

4. Practice, Practice, Practice

Get old exam papers and practice answering the questions! This will get you into exam mode and give you a good idea on how you should manage your time. Studies in different locations, libraries are a great place to start. You need to be familiar with distractions because there likely to be some on the day!

5. Get your sleep

Resting adequately is vital for good exam performance. Memory consolidation occurs when you sleep so if you do not rest the information you have studied is likely to pop out of your head as quick as it went in. It is very important the night before the exam that you are not exhausted or stressed. Remember to breath and relax.

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