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Budget Submission 2017

The IMO presents its pre budget submission on health matters contained in Budget 2017

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Preserving Medical Professionalism in an Increasingly Commercial Healthcare Environment

Seven out of ten doctors surveyed by the IMO believe that insurance companies are increasingly dictating the delivery of medical care and the same number expressed concern that private health insurance companies do not always promote evidence-based care.

The survey result was published by the IMO as part of a broader Policy Paper on commercialism in medicine - Preserving Medical Professionalism in an Increasingly Commercial Healthcare Environment. The paper was published at the organisation’s AGM in Sligo today.

The paper said that IMO doctors found that private health insurance reimbursement favours admission to hospital above day treatment, outpatient care or care in the community. The paper also said that many doctors were critical of the willingness of private health insurance companies to reimburse more expensive MRIs over less expensive diagnostic procedures whether the tests are clinically indicated or not.

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2020 Vision for Health

The Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) has launched a campaign to ensure that the future of the health services is center-stage during the next election and in the formation of the next Government. The organisation has today launched a major policy document [2020 Vision for Health] which sets out key policies that the organisation believes are key to rebuilding the health services after years of cutbacks.

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IMO Position Paper on Supporting and Developing Rural General Practice

General Practice is the most cost effective and efficient part of the Irish Health Service, but unfortunately due to successive reductions and cuts it is in severe difficulty. It is only continuing to operate due to the commitment and work of the Practitioners providing the service.

One of the hardest hit areas of general practice is Rural General Practice.

The difficulties faced by Rural General Practice are many and have a variety of different causes. The purpose of this paper is to set out some of the more prevalent causes of these difficulties, the problems these cause Rural Practitioners and finally to look at short, medium and longer term solutions to these issues going forward.


IMO Position Paper on Addiction and Dependency

Addiction and dependency remains one the most challenging public health policy issues of recent times. Since the 1960s, the consumption of illegal drugs and alcohol has increased to a point where over one-quarter of all Irish adults now state that they have used an illegal psychoactive substance recreationally, and more than half of all Irish adults are classified by World Health Organisation (WHO) criteria as harmful drinkers.

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Recent Submissions

IMO Submission to the Health Service Capacity Review 2017

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Irish Medical Organisation Response to the Public Consultation on the Public Service Development and Innovation Framework

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Irish Medical Organisation Statement to the Seanad Éireann Public Consultation Committee on Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

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IMO Submission to the Department of Health on the Draft National Strategic Framework for Health Workforce Planning

IMO Submission on the Development of Community Nursing and Midwifery Final

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IMO Submission to the Public Service Pay Commission

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IMO Submission to the Oireachtas Health Committee on the Health Information and Patient Safety Bill – Revised General Scheme

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IMO Submission to the Oireachtas Committee on the Future of Healthcare

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IMO Future of Health Executive Summary and Recommendations here

IMO Submission to the HIQA Consultation on Draft Information Management Standards for National Health and Social Care Data Collections

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IMO Submission on the Medical Council Draft Booklet for Patients

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IMO Submission to the HSE on the Privacy Impact Assessment for the Individual Health Identifier

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IMO Submission - Draft National Standards for Safer Better Maternity Services

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IMO Submission to the Medical Council's Consultation on Improving Intern Training

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IMO Submission to the HSE on Electronic Health Records

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