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Redundancy - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 & Part 4

Guidance notes on Redundancy and how this affects you as an employer.

Part 1 guidance note can be found here.

Part 2 guidance note can be found here

Part 3 guidance note can be found here

Part 4 guidance note can be found here

Phased Dispensing

We have been contacted by a number of members with regard to requests from pharmacists to write phased dispensing on prescriptions.

There is no obligation on you to write dispense weekly on the GMS scripts unless you feel that it is medically necessary for the individual patient in which case you can write same at the time of the consultation when writing the prescription. This may be necessary, for example, for patients who are at risk of not taking their medication as prescribed.

You can also now indicate this through the PCRS suite which will allow you to indicate that a certain patient is to receive phased dispensing. This may be for a period of up to 24 months or lifelong if the patient is over 80. This new function means that phased dispensing or dispense weekly does not have to be written on each prescription for the relevant patient. It is important that GPs do not request phased dispensing where same is not medically necessary. The above instance is the only role the GP has in relation to phased dispensing.

Pharmacists also have the facility to indicate to PCRS that phased dispensing is necessary for a patient and the GP has no role or obligation in relation to this.

In this regard, it is important to note that blister packing and phased dispensing are two separate processes. Phased dispensing requires the patient to present to the pharmacy each week for dispensing of medicines whereas blister packing is where medication is given in one visit but is packaged to indicate when medication should be taken. It may very well be appropriate that a GP request blister packing, particularly where a patient is elderly but this is a separate matter to phased dispensing. It is a matter for the individual GP as to whether they wish to request same. We trust that this clarifies the distinction between these two processes.  

Finally, in order for a pharmacist to claim the additional phased dispensing fees from PCRS there are four reasons which may be used for a valid claim:

  1. At the request of a patient's physician;
  2. Due to the inherent nature of a medicinal product i.e. product stability and shelf life;
  3. Where a patient is commencing new drug therapy with a view to establishing patient tolerance and acceptability before continuing on a full treatment regimen;
  4. In exceptional circumstances where the patient is incapable of safely and effectively managing the medication regimen

Reason four allows the pharmacist to indicate to PCRS that phased dispensing is necessary for the patient. The GP has no role in this process and should not write phased dispensing or dispense weekly on a prescription unless they themselves feel this is necessary at the time of writing the prescription.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the IMO by calling (01) 6767273 or email:

Data Protection

Guidance on Data Protection and getting ready for the GDPR in May 2018

Guidance note 1 can be found here. 

Guidance note 2 can be found here

Guidance note 3 can be found here

Guidance note 4 can be found here


Guidance on interviews can be found IMO-GUIDANCE-NOTE-data-returns.pdf

Temporary and Emergency Claims

 Guidance note on temporary and emergency claims can be found here

Enhanced Capitation

Guidance note on enhanced capitation can be found here

Garda Vetting

For your information we have been advised that the deadline for Garda Vetting has been extended from 31st December 2017 to 30th April 2017.

Vetting is required for those dealing with children and vulnerable persons.

More details on Garda Vetting are available here .

Minimum Wage Changes 2018

Changes to the minimum wage payable in Ireland 2018.

This guidance note can be found here.


Garda Vetting and Children First

Obligations on GPs in relation to Garda Vetting and in relation to Children’s First.

Please find the guide here.

Medical Indemnity

Rules governing the medical indemnity rebate.

Please find the guidance here.


Data Returns

The HSE have advised the IMO that they have finalised the process for the return of data for the periodic assessments, the asthmatic cycle of care and the diabetic cycle of care. We would expect a circular to be issued in the coming days.

We have prepared a note on the data required and the process, which can be found here

GMS Payment Rates

Different payment rates under the GMS.


click here.

GMS Payments, Leave and Indemnity

Guidance note - click here

Vaccination Claims

In an outbreak situation you should be provided with an outbreak code to use to submit these claims. There also should be an applicable batch number. Please note these claims should be submitted through the vaccinations section of the PCRS system with a vaccination form signed for audit purposes which you should retain. Alternatively you can manually claim using the form. A copy of the form to be used is available here.

Parental Leave

Advice for GPs of their employees entitlement to Parental Leave. As you may be aware there is a proposal to extend this entitlement currently before the Oireachtas, and we wanted to ensure members are aware of the current rules. We will update members if and when this is changed.

Please find our guide here.


Annual Leave for employees

Obligations of employers to their employees in relation to annual leave.


Please find a copy of the guide here.

GMS obligations in relation to Nursing Homes

Guide sets out your GMS obligations in relation to Nursing Homes.
Please find this a copy of this here.

You can contact the member advisory service by email or by calling (01) 6767273.


Maternity and Infant Care Scheme

Summary of the Maternity and Infant Care Scheme.

Please find a copy of the guidance note here.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the IMO by calling (01) 6767273 or email:


Withholding Tax

Brief summary of withholding tax and how it operates.

Please find a copy of the guidance note here.


STC Services

This week’s Member Advisory email covers STC listing on your pink sheets.

Please find IMO Guidance note here.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the IMO by calling (01) 6767273 or email:

Childhood Immunisations Programme Services

As you will be aware a number of HSE areas have not made a payment under the amended Primary Childhood Immunisation Programme.

We have had further discussion with the HSE today and they have confirmed that these issues have been addressed and payments should now be made.

If you are still experiencing difficulties with payments please contact the IMO by calling (01) 6767273 or


This week’s Member Advisory Emails considers the area of Equal Pay. As an employer you should ensure you are in compliance with the rules in this area.

Please find IMO Guidance Note on Equality here.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the IMO by calling (01) 6767273 or email:



This weeks advisory email for members provides a guide to your record keeping obligatons under the Terms of Employment Information Act and the Organisation of Working Time Act. This can be found here.

If you have any queries or wish to request an appointment please email the Member Advisory Service at

Agency Workers

This week’s Member Advisory email addresses Agency Workers .  

Please find IMO Guidance Note here.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the IMO by calling (01) 6767273 or email:

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