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Salary Scales and FAQs

Annual Leave

Public health doctors are entitled to 30 days annual leave.

Maternity Leave

Public Health doctors are entitled to paid Maternity Leave in line with the Maternity Protection Acts. This is for 26 weeks. They may also take a further 16 weeks unpaid maternity leave.

Paternity leave

Public Health doctors are entitled to 2 weeks paid paternity leave

Parental leave

Public Health doctors are entitled to 22 weeks (unpaid) parental leave at any time up to their child’s 12th birthday (16th birthday for a child with a disability). Your employer may delay this once. This can be taken in blocks of at least 6 weeks, but lesser if agreed with your employer.

Sick leave

Public Health doctors sick leave is governed by HR Circular 5/2014 . This provides an entitlement of up to 3 months sick leave at full pay and 3 month at half pay in a rolling 4 year period. This can be extended to 6 months at full pay and 6 months at half pay for those suffering from a critical illness, in line with the protocol which can be found here

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