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GP Individual Personal Case Issues

GP Individual Personal Case Issues

As you are aware the IMO has a dedicated Personal Cases Unit to deal with individual issues for GPs.  It is an unfortunate reality that the vast majority of cases in respect of GPs relate to payment issues with PCRS.  In the context of the current negotiations on the  Under 6 Contract the IMO has insisted that a transparent and workable Dispute Resolution Mechanism be put in place and extended to the wider GMS Contract and we are currently working on this.  In the meantime however we have reached agreement with the HSE and Department of Health that current individual issues will be identified by the IMO with a view to seeking resolution.  We are currently collating all outstanding GP issues that we have on our database which have previously been notified to the PCRS and ask that if you have any current issue where you are in dispute with PCRS and/or HSE that you email the details to before Thursday 12th February with all accompanying details and correspondence.

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