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Phlebotomy news report

Phlebotomy news report

The IMO position remains that we do not accept that routine blood tests are covered by the GMS Contract which is an acute care contract.  The Department of Health and HSE are responsible for the provision of phlebotomy outpatient clinics in public hospitals as confirmed by the Ombudsman and Information Commissioner in May 2007.  In these circumstances GPs may advise patients that such a free public service is available for them to attend.  In some cases GPs provide phlebotomy services as an additional service to patients (i.e. not covered by the GMS) and patients may choose to avail of this additional service in the GP surgery for which there may be a charge. The issue of the scope of services to be provided by GPs, including phlebotomy, is being addressed in the context of the negotiations on a new GP Contract.

A disputes resolution procedure has been agreed as part of the under 6 contract and the IMO do not accept that deductions can be made directly from GMS capitation on the basis of a patient complaint and will fully represent any members where such deductions are made. Of note paediatric phlebotomy is specifically excluded from the under 6 contract.

With regard to the general GMS population, the scope of services to be provided by GPs, including phlebotomy, will be addressed in the context of a new GP contract. Until such time as the new GP contract for GMS patients is in place, the IMO position is that the status quo remains with regard to phlebotomy.

If you have had deductions made from your payment please contact the GP Contract Helpdesk by email to or on 01 6767273.

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