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Diabetic cycle of care

Diabetic cycle of care

Further to the above I note that some concerns have been raised by members with regard to data protection concerns for the Diabetic Cycle of Care. The IMO have previously taken legal advice on same and the advice is that there are no data protection issues with regard to the registration.

We wish to clarify issues around the ethnic grouping drop down box. This was previously shared through the registration process. Following a meeting last week between the HSE and IMO, it is now intended that this will be moved to the annual data return. This will enable GPs to opportunistically ask a patient during a consultation how they self-identify in terms of ethnic grouping rather than specifically having to ask patients during the registration process which requires additional work. The data will still be recorded and there are no data protection issues with same nor is there for those GPs who have already returned ethnic grouping through registration.

Further to previous communications the process will work as follows:

  1. Patient is registered through PCRS suite. GP receives a €30 (superannuable at 10%) fee for same. This does not require a clinical consultation. Enhanced capitation of €100 (superannuable at 10%)  on top of existing capitation is paid once the patient is registered. The enhanced capitation is paid over a 12 month basis identical to existing capitation payments. It entitles the patient to two clinical consultations per annum in line with the Diabetic Cycle of Care.
  2. Patient is written to by HSE. Explicit consent is sought from the patient for their data to be shared with the HSE.
  3. If the patient does not consent, this will be indicated on the patient listing. If the patient does not reply to correspondence, it will be taken that they have refused consent.
  4. If the patient has consented then the annual data return is made for that patient. This can be through the PCRS suite, or an excel sheet exported from the GP’s practice management system. Manual return can also be made.
  5. If the patient has not consented then the GP must certify that the patient undertook the cycle of care. The GP will be paid regardless of whether the patient has consented to data returns or not.

NOTE: The Diabetic Cycle of Care applies to GMS/DVC patients only. It does not apply to private patients.

Practitioners should note that the annual data return does not have to be made for another 12 months and talks are ongoing to ensure that these returns can be made as straightforward and non-time consuming as possible. Talks are also taking place between the software providers and the HSE with regard to facilitating data return through the practice management system.

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