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Over 70 and Under 6 Update

Over 70 and Under 6 Update

Extension of Free GP Care to all persons over the age of 70

The IMO have agreed the extension of free GP care to the remaining over 70’s patients, who are not currently holders of a GMS or DVC card.

These patients will be issued with a DVC card, and will be treated under the existing contractual arrangements. GP’s who currently hold a Doctor Only Visit Card Contract do not need to take any steps to register as participating in the scheme.

As there is no contractual change, the position with regard to phlebotomy remains the same. The IMO do not consider that phlebotomy is routine general practice and as such it is outside of the GMS/DVC contract.

The scheme is due to commence from the 5th August.

Registration forms for the GP Visit Card – Over 70s Scheme are available to download from, by calling 1890 252 919, from Local Health Offices or from Pharmacies across the state. On line registration is available from Friday 31st July 2015 at

General Practitioners who have previously opted to accept online registrations will be able to consider applications from persons aged 70 and over online. The GP will have the option to accept or reject the patient.

You will receive a capitation payment for the month of August for all patients who are registered on or before the 21stAugust.

Existing Medical Card and DVC patients will not have to register.

These patients will be treated in the same fashion as your current over 70 DVC patients, with the same capitation rate and the same 2:1 weighting for practice support purposes. 


Under 6 Capitation Arrangements

As you will be aware patients have been registering for the Under 6 scheme on an on-going basis.

Given the mass introduction of a particular cohort of patients we made representations to the Department/HSE to ensure that GPs received payment for the full months of July, August and September even where the patient is not on the GP’s panel listing at the start of the month.

We can confirm that for the purposes of payment of capitation the following will apply -

If the GP had returned their contract by 10th July 2015 then capitation will be paid for the full month of:

  • July: For all patients registered and accepted by 21st July;
  • August: For all patients registered and accepted by 21st August;
  • September: For all patients registered and accepted by 11th September.

Please note that as there may be some manual calculation required some of the backdated calculation may not be paid in the next month, but all arrears will be cleared by October 2015

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