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Update on GP Trainers Grant

Update on GP Trainers Grant

Further to previous communication on this matter I wish to advise that the IMO has now formally corresponded with the HSE, clearly outlining are position in relation to the GP Trainers Grant.  We have advised the HSE that:

  • There are significant costs to the GP in terms of participating as a Trainer and the Grant is the only mechanism to help offset such costs;
  • The GP Trainer Scheme is successful due to the commitment and high quality of trainers who have the expertise and experience to deliver training to GP Registrars and any suggestion that the grant will be removed will seriously undermine the ability of GPs to continue with this programme;
  • The GP Trainers Grant is part of a nationally agreed contract and any changes to the grant must be negotiated with the IMO.

Given the importance of continuing to provide a high quality training experience to our GP Registrars we have asked the HSE to confirm that there is no intention to remove the GP Trainers Grant.

We will revert to all GP Trainer members as this matter develops. In the meantime should have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the IMO GP Contract Helpdesk.

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