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Transfer of training from the HSE to the ICGP - Update

A mediator and dates have been agreed with both Michael Hegarty and the IMO with regard to the proposed transfer of training from the HSE to the ICGP and the issues arising from same. Members will know that I had stated a preference for the WRC mediation process, however the nominated mediator Margurite Bolger S.C. had a recent case which I feel would be beneficial in some aspects of this case particularly for those within 5 years of normal retirement age. In a case for a GP specialising in the addiction services an injunction was sought preventing the HSE from mandatorily retiring a doctor working in the addiction services where he had reached aged 65. The circumstances of the case were that the applicant had no retirement age written into his contract and the HSE sought to rely on the fact that pension was payable from age 65. The injunction was granted with the judge stating that the applicant would have a strong case in full hearing. In this regard this is very much in our favour as a number of our members would be in similar circumstances.

The dates agreed are the 12th and 13th of December. The mediation is non-binding and information disclosed there cannot be used in any WRC cases in the event that mediation is unsuccessful. If it is possible to come to a mediated solution the IMO will then put this to a ballot of its members. Any PDs or APDs who are not members should please join ahead of same in order that your voice can be heard in such a ballot. We cannot ballot non-members.

With regard to those GPs who are on the “scheme lecturer” positions I am seeking to have this rectified and new contracts issued. Members will recall I sought the names and details of those affected. In turn I have passed these onto the HSE and am seeking new contracts for those affected. Six people have contacted me in this regard to date (RCSI scheme and Ballinasloe scheme) and I have in turn forwarded these names to the HSE. If there are any remaining members with such contracts, they should contact me immediately and I will add them to the list. For those who are in this situation could you please ensure that you are IMO members in order that we can fully represent you.

You will be aware that the IMO are seeking to have the following matters discussed and dealt with.

·         Status of Employment

·         Pension Rights

·         TUPE

·         Any Proposed Voluntary Redundancy Package

·         Future Structure of Training

·         Protections of Public Service Pay Agreement

The aim from this process would be to come out with a definitive set of proposals which could be balloted on. If these are accepted then we will proceed on that basis. In the event that they are not then they will be disregarded.

Please circulate this email to any non-member PDs and APDs you are aware of. I will update all members as matters develop further.

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