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GMS Contract Negotiations

GMS Contract Negotiations

We have received confirmation from the HSE that the Minister for Health wishes to recommence negotiations with the IMO in early January 2017 on the GP Contract.  These negotiations will be held under the 2014 Framework Agreement which is the agreement between the IMO, Department of Health and HSE to allow the parties to deal with all aspects, including resources, of the GMS and other publicly funded GP Contracts. 


The 2014 Framework Agreement is the agreement under which the IMO has negotiated all the new aspects and changes to GP Contracts in the past two years including Under 6s, Diabetic Cycle of Care, Rural Practice Supports, Special Items of Service and Childhood Immunisations.  In parallel to the Framework Agreement we have a Memorandum of Understanding with the Department and HSE which outlines all the areas to be discussed in the context of a new GP Contract.


The IMO GP Committee, having consulted with our members around the country, have a clear view of the priorities that need to be dealt with in the context of any contract discussions so as to build capacity, infrastructure and resources in General Practice.  We have detailed positions on all the key areas covered by the Memorandum of Understanding and it is our objective to ensure that a clear roadmap, with appropriate implementation and resourcing, be agreed for the development of General Practice.  We remain firmly committed to the principle that General Practice cannot take on any additional non contracted and non resourced workload. Additionally, in tandem with these negotiations, and in the context on new talks on public sector pay, we will be seeking a detailed process for dealing with FEMPI. 


We are acutely aware of the challenges posed by these negotiations but we are prepared and committed to giving the time and effort required.   

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