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FEMPI update

FEMPI update

The IMO, Department of Health and the HSE have met in relation to FEMPI. The IMO position was outlined as follows:

  • The provisions as outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding must commence immediately. Under the Memorandum of Understanding agreed betweent the IMO, Department and HSE it is agreed that in line wih negotiations with public sector unions on an orderly unwinding of FEMPI, a similar process will be put in place involving the IMO, Department and HSE in relation to the application of the FEMPI legislation to GPs since 2009.
  • Given that the Public Sector negotiations have now concluded in regard to an agreed restoration of FEMPI to all public servants such a roadmap must now be put in place for GPs.
  • The current position is unsustanable and is having a demonstrably negative impact on the viability of General Practice, the growing manpower crisis in the profession and patient services. 
  • In order to ensure the joint aim of develping General Practice and providing more care to patients in a GP Led Primary Care setting it is imperative that this matter be dealt with and General Practice be stablished. The current situation which lacks any clarity regarding FEMPI restoration is an obstable to reforming the way services are delivered to patients.

Further meetings will take place in September with a view to initiating the process under which FEMPI related matters will be progressed. 

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