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Draft Policies to Enhance Roles for Nurses and Midwives

Draft Policies to Enhance Roles for Nurses and Midwives

Please find attached submission which the IMO have made on proposals to enhance the role of nurses and midwifes in community care in:

  • The Development of a Community Nursing and Midwifery Response to an Integrated Model of Care; and
  • Developing a Policy for Graduate, Specialist and Advanced Nursing & Midwifery Practice

In particular we have recommended that:

  • there is an examination of the key role of the GP in relation to continuity of care and as a gatekeeper,
  • that there is a 10 year strategy agreed with the IMO for the development of General Practice;
  • that transfer of care be agreed it GPS in a new GMS contract;
  • that there be integrated workforce planning
  • that there be proper support for integrated care and multidisciplinary teams

We would encourage all members to read this document and to contact us with any comments or suggestions on this important topic.

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