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GP suite - Pink Listings

GP suite - Pink Listings

We have been advised that some doctors have been unable to access their current and historic pink sheet listings on the PCRS online GP suite. The IMO have been in touch with PCRS on the issue and it relates to the recent update of security certificates by the PCRS and the specific options in relation to access to financial information.

The matter can be remedied quite easily and we would advise those GPs experiencing this problem to:   

  • Contact the PCRS at (01) 8647200;
  • Select option 2 for the doctors payment unit;
  • Select option 1 for GP certificates.

The PCRS IT team will then adjust your security setting accordingly. The matter is a straightforward adjustment and should be dealt with quite quickly.

 If you have any further queries please contact the IMO at (01) 6767273 or  by email:

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