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GP Christmas Arrangements

GP Christmas Arrangements

We would like to update you in relation to the following issues. 

1. Insurance Query

Further to our previous emails in relation to the childhood vaccination scheme we have had a number of queries from members in relation to losses due to fridge failures.

The IMO raised this issue with the HSE directly and they have confirmed that the doctor will not be responsible for compensating the HSE for the cost of the vaccine. Where the vaccines are covered under the practice insurance then the doctor should reimburse the HSE with any payment made by the insurance company for the vaccines. Where they are not covered by the policy then the HSE will bear the cost of the loss of vaccines themselves.

We hope this addresses any concerns you may have, but if you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact the IMO.

 2. Christmas and Out of Hours Claims

The IMO have clarified the Out of Hours arrangements with the PCRS for Christmas 2016.

As is the case with all Out of Hours arrangements claims are not payable during normal or routine Surgey hours. The days which will qualify for Out of Hours this year are as follows: 

  • Saturday 24th December – Christmas Eve
  • Sunday 25th December – Christmas Day
  • Monday 26th December – St Stephen's Day
  • Tuesday 27th December
  • Sunday 1st January
  • Monday 2nd January

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