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Past President Expresses Disappointment at the Lack of Reform in Health

Thursday 12th April 2012

Remarks from the outgoing speech of Dr Ronan Boland

With a new government in office and a strong electoral mandate and a voracious appetite for radical reform – not least reform of the health service- outgoing President Dr. Ronan Boland said; “I reasonably anticipated that all hands would be required on deck to ensure that the voice and input of Ireland’s highly trained and experienced doctors would be adequately heard during the engagements with the state that would inevitably be required.”
“However, little has changed during the year, more patients, more procedures, fewer beds, fewer staff and fewer resources.  If radical reform is at hand, it feels little closer than it did a year ago today,” reflected Dr. Boland.
“True, there have been changes in governance structures at corporate level.  In the main at the coalface however, it’s a case of “as you were”.
“There has been no transformation programme for GPs. There has been no movement on honouring repeatedly made commitments in relation to Competition Law. The only solution to the current impasse is one which guarantees in law the protection of this Organisation in its unencumbered representation of General Practitioners in relation to their work carried out on behalf of the state. Until the government recognises this and takes the appropriate action progress on any reforms involving General Practice will be difficult if not impossible.
He added; “Some progress has been made on implementation of the Public Service Agreement for Consultants, NCHDs and Public Health Doctors but real challenges remain. Contracts continue to be flouted and recruitment and retention of medical expertise in Ireland becomes ever more difficult.”

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