Getting Healthcare in Ireland Conference
Irish Medical Organisation

Getting Healthcare in Ireland Conference

The IMO would like to invite all those interested in improving our health service to a Conference entitled “Getting Healthcare in Ireland”

Fear of needing to access healthcare in Ireland is growing. Patients and their relatives are worried.  Increasingly General Practitioners are finding getting appropriate services for their patients is challenging, Hospital Doctors are concerned about their ability to provide safe and timely care to patients. Waiting lists are long, Emergency Departments overcrowded, and Hospital occupancy runs at in excess of 97% nationally.

The IMO’s conference Getting Healthcare in Ireland will bring together prominent Irish medical professionals from across the health service to talk about both the successes and challenges in providing high quality care to the patients who need it and what could be done better with a properly resourced health service. 

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If you are interested in attending the conference - please click here for the registration form

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