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IMO Submission to the Medical Council on the National Trainee Experience Survey

This Consultation Feedback Form was a companion to the "Your Training Counts" consultation document and sought the IMO's views on the Medical Council's proposals for a Trainee Experience Survey. 

The IMO believes that, in order to enhace medical training, trainees should be invited feedback on:

  • Clincial teaching, 
  • Clinical experience (both supervised and independent),
  • Academic support
  • Interpersonal support (provision of mentors, ease of educatioal leave),
  • Hospital level supports - (is there an NCHD committee, who makes rosters etc, occupational health requirements).

The IMO feels that all these would enhave trainees' experiences as most NCHDs spend their initial weeks in each post establishing these details.

The IMO recommends that the survey questions should be reqularly reviewed and updated to ensure all relevant data is captured.

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