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Transfer of Tasks from NCHDs to Nurses

The IMO is delighted to confirm that agreement has been reached for the transfer of four tasks from Non-Consultant Hospital Doctors to Nurses/Midwives.

Those four tasks are

  • IV Cannulation
  • Phlebotomy,
  • First Dose Antibiotics
  • Delegated Discharge  

This was achieved by the IMO, INMO and SIPTU Nursing and health service management under the chairmanship of an independent mediator under the Nursing /Medical Interface Section of the Haddington Road Agreement (Appendix 7, point 4).

It was after a concerted effort from the IMO that the stalled talks were restarted and a third party brought in to move quickly to a conclusion. The arrangements are set out in “Final Agreement on Transfer of Tasks under Nursing/Midwifery which can be viewed here

This is a great development for patients and all staff involved and it is in the interests of everyone that an orderly transfer is completed as soon as possible. The arrangements provide for an NCHD input through the local IMO representative. It is vital that NCHD concerns are represented at this level. As there was a delay in the Department of Health in signing off the agreement local hospitals must decide how this will be implemented by 31 March 2016 with  implementation completed by 30 June 2016. This will be subject to a local and national verification process.


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