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IMO to commence legal proceedings against HSE

Action will seek to force payment of previously agreed Living Out Allowance

Monday 1st February 2016.  The Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) will commence a legal action against the HSE on behalf of Interns, Senior House Officers and Registrars to seek to compel the HSE to honour agreements to pay an agreed Living Out Allowance of €3,182 per year. 

Speaking today, Dr. John Duddy, Vice President of the IMO, said; "The NCHD Living out allowance forms part of the NCHD Contract which was part of the High Court settlement agreed between the IMO and HSE following threatened strike action in 2010.  The living out allowance is €3,182 per annum and is payable to Interns, Senior House Officers and Registrars.  In 2012 the HSE ceased paying the allowance to all new entrants but those in receipt of it held it.  This was a ploy to wind-down the payment of this allowance as existing recipients moved through the system.”

Dr. Duddy said; "The position of the IMO is that the HSE is in breach of the High Court Settlement and has sought to have the matter resolved through normal industrial relations channels. When no progress was made on the issue legal correspondence was exchanged between IMO solicitors and the HSE solicitors.  Given that the matter remains unresolved the IMO is now bringing a motion to the High Court on the matter as the HSE is in breach of a High Court Settlement.”

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