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IMO do not believe proposals by Government on Rural General Practice will address the issues

Statement by the IMO

Negotiations to continue

Wednesday 20th January 2015.  Following a meeting today with the HSE and Department of Health at which proposals were made to the IMO in respect of Rural General Practice, the Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) has said that these proposals are insufficient to deal with the current crisis in the area and will not ensure a GP service continues in Rural Ireland. 

The IMO has made a series of proposals to the HSE/Department of Health in this regard and in line with the negotiation process outlined in the Framework Agreement meetings will continue on this matter.

Speaking today following the meeting, Dr Padraig McGarry, Chair of the IMO GP Committee said “General Practice around the country has suffered draconian cuts in recent years with over €160m being taken out of the service.  There are significant problems in Rural Areas and the IMO has put forward realistic solutions to address the crisis of retaining GP services in local rural communities.  Additionally we have put forward proposals on a range of new special items of services that could be offered to patients which are not covered by the current GMS contract.  Such a move would not only benefit patients in terms of being able to receive services in their community but would also ensure that patients do not need to be referred to the hospital where the costs are higher for the State.”


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