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FEMPI Reductions, Ophthalmology

The IMO has recently been informed that the professional fees paid to Ophthalmologists under various contractor services have been paid at the incorrect rate. This has arisen owing to confusion between the Department of Health and the HSE, which led to the non-application of reduced fee rates as provided for in the Financial Emergency Measures in the Public Interest Act (2013).

The IMO has been advised that the correct rates will be implemented from the start of November.

However, as a consequence, an overpayment for contracted ophthalmology services has taken place for over three years. The HSE have committed to identify the quantum of individual overpayments and to engage with the effected Doctors.

Doctors who are contacted by the HSE in this matter should contact the IMO.

It is deeply unfortunate that Doctors, who provide the State with high quality and effective services, should have to deal with the consequences of this failure of public administration.  

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