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Following IMO ballot to strike, Cork University Hospital agrees to restore agreed pay rates

Monday 15th December 2014. Following a ballot in favour of Industrial Action by IMO NCHDs in the Anaesthetic Department of Cork University Hospital (CUH), the HSE has today agreed to full restoration of the agreed pay rates for the affected doctors. In return the IMO has agreed to suspend the threat of industrial action until the outstanding payments have been made.

The issue arose after the hospital management unilaterally introduced new pay rates for NCHDs in the Anaesthetics Department of CUH in July of this year without any agreement with the IMO. The IMO has campaigned since for the new rates to be withdrawn and the previously agreed rates to be reinstated. That campaign led to a ballot of IMO members last week which voted in favour of industrial action at the hospital if necessary.

Speaking today Eric Young, Assistant Director of Industrial Relations at the IMO criticised the HSE for their behaviour on this issue; “while we welcome today’s developments this dispute should never have arisen. The HSE can’t bully our members to accept rates that are not agreed and hopefully today they will have learnt that lesson.”


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