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IMO proposes changes to the Constitution and Rules of the Organisation

Move follows comprehensive review of the governance and structures in the Organisation to address concerns of membership

24th February 2014. The forthcoming AGM of the Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) will consider a series of changes to the Constitution and Rules of the IMO. The organisation has published today, to all members, the changes to the Constitution and Rules of the IMO recommended by the Governance Review Committee (GRC) and proposed by the Council of the Organisation. The Governance Review Committee was established a year ago following an EGM and was tasked with undertaking a major review of how the organisation was governed. The recommendations approved by Council have been arrived at following widespread consultation with members and the overall objective is to ensure greater oversight and clarity for elected members and greater transparency to the wider membership.

Key changes being proposed include

• Greater oversight and control by IMO Council
• Establishment of an Executive Board to oversee the finances of the Organisation and oversee the performance of the Chief Executive. This new Board will include greater representation from the elected members and independent non executive directors with expertise in relevant areas of audit, risk and remuneration. It will replace the current Management Committee of the Organisation.
• Reform of the role of Chief Executive including greater transparency in relation to the appointment process and to the terms and conditions of the CEO.
• Various changes to increase transparency for members in the Organisation including the disclosure of greater information on financial matters to members through the Annual Report.
• The establishment of new Standing Committees to manage governance and ethical issues, such committees reporting directly to IMO Council.
• Strict control over the establishment of related companies and/or legal entities subject ultimately to the approval of IMO Council.

Speaking today, the President of the IMO, Dr. Matthew Sadlier said; “These proposals are radical because they need to be. They ensure that the membership can have confidence and trust in structures that reflect best practice and deliver on accountability and responsibility. The changes will transform how the organisation operates and, with increased transparency, how members can engage with it and observe how it operates.”


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