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IMO commences ballot amongst NCHDs anaesthetists in Cork University Hospital for strike action.

Thursday 5th December 2014. The Irish Medical Organisation has begun a ballot of its NCHD members in the Department of Anaesthetics at Cork University Hospital with a view holding strike action by the Union. Ballot papers are issuing today and must be returned by Thursday 11th December.

The ballot is being undertaken because the hospital has refused to pay NCHDs working in the department the contracted rate of pay since July last. This action is to restore the contracted rate of pay to the NCHDs in the Department.

The hospital has stated that they have been instructed to implement new salary scales for Streamlined Specialised Training Programmes from 14 July 2014. However these new rates have not been agreed with the IMO and this represents a breach of NCHD contracts.

Speaking today Eric Young, Assistant Director of Industrial Relations at the IMO said that the IMO would resist the effort of CUH to unilaterally change the pay of NCHDs “CUH has acted appallingly on this issue. The rates of pay they have introduced are not agreed and not acceptable. We will not stand by and allow bullying tactics to be used against our NCHD members. It is all the more incredible that this kind of action is being taken at a time when our doctors are leaving the country due to bad working conditions, appalling hours and lack of resources.”

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