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Statement by IMO on Out of Hours payments for GPs

Wednesday 2nd October 2013. Over 2,200 GPs currently participate in the General Medical Scheme (GMS) and provide Out of Hours services. While the vast majority of these GPs are not in dispute with the HSE over the payments they receive for these services, a small number have been unable to resolve their difficulties with the HSE despite protracted efforts to do so.

Thankfully the logjam over payments is beginning to be cleared on foot of a mediation process negotiated by the IMO on behalf of GPs. This process is ensuring that hundreds of otherwise disputed payments are being agreed by the HSE and GPs are finally receiving long overdue payments.

The agreement negotiated by the IMO ensures that there is an appeal process through which GPs can appeal a decision on their claims and we urge GPs who are unhappy with the proposed payment to avail of this service, which is ongoing.

Payment for out of hours work is an important part of the medical card payments system. GPs frequently have to visit or see patients outside of normal hours and the special payment for this service goes someway to offsetting the expenses incurred.


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