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IMO Statement On Review of Medical Training and Career Structure Interim Report (McCraith Review)

Friday 20th December 2013.  The IMO welcomes the publication of the Interim Report on a Strategic Review of Medical Training and Career Structures which has accepted many of the issues which the IMO raised in the context of the Review.

However at a time when worrying numbers of NCHDS and an increasing number of consultants are leaving the Irish health services to pursue their careers abroad it is unfortunate that the Report fails to address the critical issues for Ireland in terms of recruiting and retaining doctors. Irish qualified doctors are being actively recruited by other health care systems and we must do something now to address the exodus before it becomes a real crisis.  Ireland, along with other countries are operating in a global market in terms of seeking to have the most talented medical professionals and it is critical that we ensure we are in a position to make the Irish health services as employer of choice which it most certainly is not at present. 

The IMO welcomes the fact that all stakeholders including the HSE and postgraduate training bodies accept that this is a problem which must be addressed.


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