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IMO & BMA(NI) joint briefing to MEPs

Brussels 2012: Health Inequalities briefing on Wednesday 7th March

The IMO together with the British Medical Association (NI) will meet with a group of MEPs and other interested parties on 7th  March in Brussels. A joint paper detailing concerns over current health inequalities will be presented. 

Both organisations will outline evidence showing that the most potent determinants of health are socio-economic: lower socio-economic groups have relatively high mortality rates, higher levels of ill health, and have fewer resources to adopt healthier lifestyles. One of the most powerful and important methods by which public health can be strengthened and inequalities reduced is through job creation. Through a strategy of health proofing of Government policies, job creation and actively addressing the factors that reduce citizens’ opportunities for equality, we will create a more equal and productive society. 

Representatives from IMO and BMA (NI) will include:
Dr Ronan Boland, IMO President
Dr Paul McKeown, IMO Vice Presient
Mr Danny Lambe, BMA (NI) Secretary
Dr Paul Darragh, BMA (NI) Chair of Council
Mr George McNeice, Chief Executive IMO
Prof.Sean Tierney, Consultant surgeon & Former IMO President

Event Details:
Wednesday, 7th March 2012 from 8.00 am – 9.30 am
Breakfast Briefing in ASP Building A5 E- 3, European Parliament 

For further information contact the Communication Unit, IMO House. Tel: 01 6767273

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