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FRIDAY 1st April 4pm-5:30pm 1.5 CPD Points

Keeping Politics Out of Healthcare Policy

Healthcare is a hot topic in general elections and politics often interfere with healthcare provision and the doctor-patient relationship. This session examines the relationship between politics and health and asks how we can ensure that Policy Decisions in healthcare are evidence-based.

Guest Speakers:        

Mr Noel Whelan, Irish Times Columnist, Barrister and Political Commentator

Noel Whelan is the author or co-author of a number of books on politics, elections and electoral law in Ireland including the series of Tallyman’s Guides to Irish elections. He writes a weekly political column for the Irish Times and is a regular commentator on politics and current affairs for the broadcast media. He works as a barrister specialising in Criminal, Regulatory and Constitutional Law. He was one of the Leaders of the Democracy Matters campaign which successfully opposed the 2013 Seanad Abolition Referendum and was Strategic Adviser to the Yes Equality Campaign for the 2015 Marriage Equality Referendum.

Dr Ronan Glynn, IMO NCHD Committee Member and Trainee in Public Health and Epidemiology

Ronan qualified from medical school at the University of Aberdeen in 2007, and completed his PhD. in surgical oncology at the NBCRI in Galway in 2012. He completed his MPH in 2015, is a fellow of ISQua, the International Society for Quality in Healthcare, and he is currently an SPR in Public Health Medicine


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Keeping Politics Out of Healthcare Policy - Video

SATURDAY 2nd APRIL 3pm-4:30pm 1.5 CPD Points

Protecting the Doctor-Patient Relationship & Dangers of Corporates

Our guest speaker Professor Allyson Pollock is professor of public health research and policy at Queen Mary, University of London and author of NHS plc: the Privatisation of Our Health Care. Her research interests include globalisation, privatisation, pharmaceuticals, clinical trials and child injuries. Professor Pollock has spoken out against the corporatisation of the NHS and commercial interests that are taking over healthcare provision in the UK. 

Guest Speaker

Professor Allyson Pollock, Public Health and Policy at Queen Mary University of London

Professor Allyson Pollock is Professor of Public Health Research and Policy at Queen Mary, University of London. She set up and directed the Centre for International Public Health Policy at the University of Edinburgh from 2005 to 2011, and prior to that she was Head of the Public Health Policy Unit at UCL and Director of Research & Development at UCL Hospitals NHS Trust. Her research interests include globalisation; privatisation, marketisation and PFI / PPPs; health services; regulation and trade; pharmaceuticals and clinical trials; and childhood injuries.

Her new book ‘Tackling Rugby: what every parent should know about injuries ‘ was published by Verso in September 2014.

Protecting the Doctor-Patient Relationship & Dangers of Corporates - Video

SATURDAY 2nd April 4:30pm-5:30pm 1 CPD Point

Preserving Medical Professionalism in an Increasingly Commercial Healthcare Environment

Presentation and launch of the IMO Position Paper with Q&A Session.

Guest Speakers:

Ms Vanessa Hetherington, IMO Assistant Director Policy and International Affairs

Vanessa Hetherington is Assistant Director at the Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) in charge of Policy and International Affairs.

Dr John Duddy, Incoming IMO President, Specialist Registrar in Neurosurgery and Lead NCHD at Beaumont Hospital

Dr John Duddy is currently Chair of the NCHD Committee and Vice-President of the IMO. He graduated from Trinity College Dublin in 2002 with a BA in Computational Chemistry. He then studied Medicine at UCC, graduating in 2008. He completed internship and basic surgical training at the Mercy University Hospital, Cork and Cork University Hospital. He then worked as a Neurosurgery Registrar at Beaumont Hospital and Children’s University Hospital Temple Street, and obtained a Masters in Surgery at RCSI. He is now a Specialist Registrar in Neurosurgery and Lead NCHD at Beaumont Hospital.


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Preserving Medical Professionalism in an Increasingly Commercial Healthcare Environment - Video

CPD Sessions

THURSDAY 31st March 2pm – 5pm 3 CPD Points

Business of Practice – Session for GP Trainees and Newly Established GPs

THURSDAY 31st March 5.30pm – 7pm 1.5 CPD Points

Advocacy and Whistle-blowing

This session will look at the recent whistle-blowing legislation, the differences between whistle blowing and advocacy and what rights doctors have when speaking out.

Guest Speaker

John O’Connor, Managing Partner, O’Connor Solicitors

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FRIDAY 1st APRIL 8:30am – 10.30am 2 CPD Points

Mobile Health, Telemedicine and Patient Confidentiality 

This session will look at now the growth of new technology is changing healthcare but at the same time raises issues of data protection and patient safety. The workshop will examine the issues and discuss how doctors can safeguard patients in the use of new technology.

Click here for presentation slides - Dr Jane Walsh 

Click here for presentation slides - Jim Gregg 

Guest Speakers

Dr Jane Walsh, Director, M-Health Research Group, School of Psychology, NUI Galway

Dr Ray Walley, IMO President and GP

Mr Jim Gregg, Professional Development Consultant, Irish Computer Society

SATURDAY 2nd APRIL 8am – 10am 2 CPD Points

Managing Stress and Bullying in the Workplace

Bullying and undermining behaviour at work can cause significant stress to individuals. This session looks at the roots of stress and bullying in the workplace and what methods individuals can employ to cope with it

Guest Speakers

Dr Abbie Lane, Consultant Psychiatrist 

Mr Eric Young, IMO Assistant Director of Industrial Relations

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