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Friday 10th April 2015

Scientific Session I                                                                                                               1.5 CPD Credits 
Time:  3pm
Title: Planning Healthcare Capacity to meet demand

Since 2009 the Health Budget in Ireland has been cut by 27%, and since 2007 acute bed capacity has fallen by 13% and staffing levels have been reduced by 11%. At the same time demand on our healthcare system has increased – our elderly population has increased by 20%, there are half a million additional patients with a Medical Card or GP visit card and 12% of people have dropped their private health insurance.

Recent research which shows a tipping point in bed capacity levels beyond which clinical error increases due to the rationing of resources and increased stress levels. This session looks at the capacity deficits facing both General Practice and the Hospital System and how our health system requires long-term planning to ensure patients have access to appropriate care in a safe environment. 

Stress on the Ward – Professor Ludwig Kuntz, Department of Business Administration and Health Care Management, University of Cologne, discusses recent research from Germany which highlights a safety tipping point in hospital occupancy levels beyond which clinical staff become more prone to error due to rationing of resources and elevated stress levels.

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Structural Capacity Issues in the Irish Healthcare System – Professor Trevor Duffy, Out-going President, IMO presents the structural capacity issues facing the Irish health system and the focus needed over the next five years to ensure capacity can meet demand with an ageing population.

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Challenges in Medical Workforce Planning – Grant Fitzner, Centre for Workforce Intelligence, UK discusses the challenges in medical workforce planning facing health systems and the implications on the health system.

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Saturday 11th April

Scientific Session II                                                                                                               1.5 CPD Credits
Time : 3 pm
Title : Scientific Session II – 2020 Vision – Breaking the Link between Deprivation and Poor Health

Improving the health of all our citizens, particularly the poorest and most deprived will reap long-term benefits for our country in terms of a healthier more productive workforce and reduced expenditure on health and social supports. This session looks at some of the most recent data linking deprivation with poor mental and physical health and discusses the support services necessary across all departments and sectors required to break the cycle.

The link between Deprivation and Poor Mental and Physical HealthProfessor Alan Kelly, TCD looking at the SAHRU index on deprivation and the evidence in relation to mortality and morbidity rates in deprived areas.

Caring for patients in deprived areas – Dr Edel McGinnity, GP, North-West Dublin expands on the everyday challenges of caring for patients from deprived backgrounds from a clinical perspective including the difficulties facing patients in accessing care. 

Improving Population Health in Deprived AreasDr James Flemming, Founder Green Dreams Project, East Lancashire, UK discusses the award-winning Green Dream Project CIC, a social enterprise to support people and communities in deprived areas in East Lancashire. 

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