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Time for New NCHD Contracts – HAVE YOUR SAY

Time for New NCHD Contracts – HAVE YOUR SAY

Today the IMO is calling on ALL NCHDs to get involved in highlighting the problems with the current NCHD Contracts and letting us know what are the priorities for a new NCHD Contract. 

Ireland is in the middle of a medical manpower crisis where there is in an ongoing exodus of Irish trained doctors from our health service and Government keep burying their head in the sand.  The poor working conditions and the lack of will by Government to get serious about career pathways for all NCHDs has directly led to this crisis.  It is time for new NCHD Contracts and time for all NCHDs to HAVE YOUR SAY so that you can have a voice in determining what is needed in any new contract and what the obstacles are to career development.

Your IMO National NCHD Committee is preparing for the inevitable fight with the HSE on getting fair working conditions for NCHDs, we are committed to fighting for all NCHDs but we need to hear your views and we need your support.   


  • Meetings are taking place in hospitals all around the country – these are open to ALL NCHDs - Get there and be part of the campaign for change
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  • Talk to your colleagues – Encourage all doctors to get behind the campaign and be part of the IMO – Together we are stronger
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