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IMO Secures Significant Improvements in NCHD Incremental Credit

IMO Secures Significant Improvements in NCHD Incremental Credit

The IMO is pleased to confirm that we have succeeded in securing significant improvements in the incremental provisions that are available to NCHDs. This has been a long and thorough process, but the latest negotiations between the IMO and the HSE have produced a circular, which will clarify and improve on the changes already confirmed last year.


You can read a copy of the circular here.


The contents of this circular will benefit many NCHDs, and demonstrates the important role played by the IMO in protecting and improving the terms and conditions enjoyed by our Doctors.


The key elements which this circular covers is:


·         That the credit is available at the grade you are  (e.g. Registrar, SPR, Senior Registrar) and that you do not have to recalculate from SHO as some sites had suggested;

·         That you can enjoy up to 2 points of credit where the degree and masters are in different disciplines;

·         That credit for agency work this applies for such work prior to July 2018, and not only after that date;


These credits should be applied from July 2018, and if they were not applied at the time, as above, you are entitled to receive the difference now. If you are in this category we would suggest that you send the following email to your medical manpower department:


Dear                      ,


I refer to HSE HR Circular 002/2019 which I have received from the IMO. I consider that I fall under this circular and should have been awarded incremental credit for a prior qualification and / or locum experience in July 2018.


Please confirm that this is the case and that you will arrange for payment of the retrospective difference or I will ask the IMO to take this matter up on my behalf.






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