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IMO Submission to the Medical Council on Draft Amendments to Registration Rules Jun 2011

In the submission to the Medical Council on Draft Amendments to the Registration Rules the IMO repeated that the rules fail to address the following issues:
• The registration rules fail to make provision for dual registration - whereby a doctor has completed training in one specialty and begins training in another.
• There is no requirement for doctors outside the state who are providing advice, treatment or diagnosis to patients in Ireland, to be registered with the Medical Council. 
• The anomaly whereby a physician on the General Register may practice in any speciality without having received formal training in that speciality.

The IMO also highlighted the motion calling on the Minister for Health and the Medical Council to review Section 94 Subsection (1) of the Medical Practitioners Act with a view to a process being agreed whereby retired doctors can be permitted to remain on the medical register. The current interpretation of this Section will result in retired doctors being removed from the medical register thus preventing them from intervening in any emergency or accident.

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