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IMO Submission to the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Health and Children: Alcohol Marketing - Nov 2011

During November 2011, the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Health and Children continued its examination of the effects of Alcohol Marketing on young people. The IMO forwarded a brief submission to the Committee outlining the IMO's concerns and IMO policy in relation to Alcohol Marketing.  Recommendations included: 

Alcohol Strategy 

  • Publish Ireland’s combined alcohol and illicit drug strategy without delay.

Health Warnings and Labelling

  • Introduce explicit government health warnings on alcoholic beverages including warnings on the dangers of drink-driving.

Alcohol Promotion

  • Place a ‘polluter pays’ levy on tobacco and alcohol manufacturers in order to make a contribution to the healthcare costs relating to the use of these substances;
  • Commence Section 9 of the Intoxicating Liquor Act 2008 (structural separation of licensed and non-licensed businesses on a premises); 
  • Introduce and commence the regulations developed under Section 16 (1) (b) and Section 16 (1) (c) of the Intoxicating Liquor Act (regulations relating to the promotion and consumptions of alcohol);
  • Ban the use of state or semi-state facilities, including  HSE facilities or the facilities of any agency funded by the HSE, to advertise alcohol;
  • Ban public sector employees from being used to promote alcohol on behalf of the alcohol company, when they are clearly identified as public sector workers.

Promotion of Alcohol to Young People

  • Prohibit alcohol sponsorship of sporting activities and sporting organisations;
  • Ban the promotion or sponsorship of concerts by alcohol companies where the attendance will include people under 18 years of age;
  • Legislate so that a pre 9pm watershed ban on alcohol advertising on Irish television is brought in;
  • Abolish all advertisement for alcohol in cinemas other than when a film with an 18 plus cert is shown and at other events where under-18 year olds attend;
  • Introduce a traceability mechanism to be put in place so that alcohol sold in off-licences to underage persons can be traced.


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