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IMO Submission to the HSE on the New National Framework for Suicide Prevention

The IMO welcomes the opportunity to submit our views on suicide prevention to aid in the development of the National Framework for Suicide Prevention 2015-2018. The underlying factors that contribute to suicidal behaviour are complex and interlinked and while the risk factors are common, fatal suicide is relatively rare. There are few evidence based interventions that have any impact on suicide rates. There are however promising initiatives that impact on mental health in other ways that need to be researched, implemented and evaluated further.


Some of the IMO’s primary recommendations include:


·         All media outlets in Ireland should comply with the Media Guidelines for Reporting Suicide and self-harm (published by the Irish Association of Suicidology and the Samaritans), these guidelines should be legally enforceable with sufficient penalties to ensure compliance;

·         Suicide Intervention Teams must be available in all hospitals on a 24 hour 7 days a week basis;

·         Pilot the development of community based 24 our crisis mental health provision throughout Ireland.

·         Given the relationship between alcohol abuse and suicide the IMO calls for the full implementation of the recommendations of the National Strategic Task Force on Alcohol.

·         Research and evaluate other interventions for their possible effect on suicide rates or mental health problems. 

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