Irish Medical Organisation

IMO Submission to the Dept of Health Strategy Statement 2011-2014 - July 2011

In the Submission to the Department of Health's Strategy Statement 2011-2014, the IMO highlights the Organisation’s Position on Universal Health Care. The IMO supports the introduction of a single-tier health system and calls on the Minister for Health to ensure the IMO principles of health care (as outlined in the IMO Position Paper on Universal Health Care) are incorporated into any development of a Universal Insurance Model for the provision of Health Care in Ireland.

The IMO raises concerns about emulating the Dutch Health Care Financing System and calls on the Government to cost and validate competing private insurers vs taxation predominant funding of any future universal health system.

The IMO also makes a number of recommendations, reiterating IMO policy, in relation to investment and funding of:

• Primary Care Services
• Universal Hospital Care
• Care for Older People
• Integrated Care
• Mental Health Services
• Public Health

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