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HETAC & DOH Review of Academic Programme Validation of Certain Complementary Therapies -Nov 2012

Since 2002, the Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) has been calling on the Government to regulate complementary/alternative practitioners and suppliers of complementary/alternative medicines and products.

Many people in Ireland use complementary/alternative therapies and remedies such as acupuncture, chiropractics, osteopathy, herbal and Chinese medicine, in the treatment of various illnesses and ailments despite the fact that the evidence base for many of these therapies is poor.
In a short submission to HETAC and the Department of Health the IMO recommended the establishment of a statutory body to regulate complementary/alternative therapies which would set professional standards of practice, education, training and ongoing competence of providers of complementary/alternative therapies.  The statutory body would be responsible for assuring that processes are in place to assure that professional standards are met and to investigate complaints.
The IMO also supported the conclusions of the HETAC and the Department of Health Review in relation to expertise criteria for national qualifications frameworks. For the protection and safety of service users we strongly endorse the need identified in the review for “The establishment of legitimate expertise...which is expressed in published practice standards which...are based on evidence of efficacy of practice”.

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