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IMO Calls On Motorists Not To Take Chance On The Roads

Media Release - 22nd October 2010

The Irish Medical Organisation, which represents over 6,500 Consultants, General Practitioners, Non Consultant Hospital Doctors and Public Health Doctors are urging motorists not to take chances on our roads this bank holiday weekend.

IMO President, Professor Sean Tierney, Consultant Surgeon said; “All too often doctors see first hand the results of carnage on our roads. We see families, friends and relatives whose lives are changed in a matter of minutes due to fatalities, serious injuries and in some cases permanent paralysis.”

“We are urging all motorists to slow down and not to take risks.”

“Statistics show that traffic accidents are caused by human error, drink driving, use of mobile phones, speed and fatigue. In addition to these causes, an area that receives little attention is the danger for those who are on medication. People who are unsure should check with their family doctor if they should drive long distances as the medication may cause drowsiness,” said Prof. Tierney.

The IMO also caution on those embarking on long journeys which can be tiring and exhausting, particularly if driving conditions are not ideal – wet roads, early morning or late at night.

Tragically there have been 173 lives lost on our roads in 2010 and many more who have been seriously injured or disabled, and thousands of relatives and friends coping with tragedy.

In May of this year the IMO signed the European Road Safety Charter giving a three year commitment to continue to advocate road safety strategies through research, submissions and policy to influence change at a national level.

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