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IMO Statement on Consultant Recruitment

Tuesday 29th August 2023.  The Irish Medical Organisation has given “a cautious welcome” to the news that 125 new consultants have been appointed under the terms of the new Consultant Contract (POCC23) since it was introduced in March of this year.  However the Organisation has warned that the number was only “a fraction” of the number of new consultants that the Irish health services require.


Speaking today, Professor Matthew Sadlier, Chairman of the Consultant Committee of the IMO said: “we welcome every new consultant that joins the health services but we have to be realistic that the number of new consultants to join under the new consultant contract (125) is a fraction of the numbers we need and we still have over 900 vacant posts in the system.  We are short a further 2,000 consultants based on population at the moment so the scale of the challenge is clear.  We remain very concerned at the growing waiting lists and the intolerable conditions for patients and staff within our services where resources are stretched and there are insufficient staff across all grades.”


In terms of the confirmation that 293 consultants already employed have moved to the new contract, Professor Sadlier said; “it’s a very personal and individual decision for consultants whether to move to the POCC23 or not.  When we have more numbers confirmed it will be helpful to understand which specialties and which locations are seeing higher or lower numbers moving over and where we have significant challenges to recruitment of new consultants.  Consultants continue to express concerns not about salary levels under the new contract but on other key issues including uncertainty around working hours, location of work, their ability to do their jobs given the lack of resources and pressures within the working environment.  Neither the HSE nor the Government should play a “wait and see” game when it is already crystal clear there are significant challenges in addressing the underlying issues when it comes to both retaining existing consultants in the system and recruiting new consultants. ”

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