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ACLS and Overtime Update

As was discussed in our webinar last Tuesday, 15th June (which you can watch here), a number of interns have been required to complete induction training prior to the agreed commencement on Induction Training on Monday, 28th June. This is contrary to national HSE policy and is opposed by the IMO, especially because you are at risk of not being paid for this time.

There are a number of other issues facing interns this year as well. Many of you have advised me that hospitals are misunderstanding your commencement date, and have stated that they will not pay the overtime rate of Time + ½ applicable at 1 July 2021. These are all significant issues which require unity and coordination among all interns.

That is why it is essential you become an intern member of the IMO. You are currently a student member of the IMO, so to renew to intern membership, follow the process shown in this video. Joining only takes a moment, but is essential to support yourself and your colleagues in this moment of transition.

If you have any questions or problems, email our Member Advisory Service at I wish you the very best, and look forward to speaking to you soon.


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