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World Family Doctor Day

Statement by the Irish Medical Organisation

  • Role of GPs has never been more important
  • ‘If you have concerns about Covid-19 or indeed any other issues contact your GP – we are open and available to help in a safe environment’

Tuesday, 19th May, 2020.  As the world marks World Family Doctor Day, the Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) said that the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the key role which family doctors play in the Irish and international health service.

Dr. Padraig McGarry, President of the IMO, said: “On World Family Doctor Day this year, we are reminded of the key role that General Practitioners in this country play in our health service.  GPs have been to the forefront of the response to the Covid-19 crisis.  They have put themselves in harm’s way to help their patients and the community battle this disease and we are reminded again that the key foundations for our health services are the GPs who work in primary care up and down the country.”

Dr. McGarry said that recent years have seen the GP system in Ireland put under enormous strain; “Cuts to resources, a looming manpower crisis as more GPs prepare to retire and the pressures of working with an ageing population mean that General Practice in Ireland is under pressure like never before.  This current crisis shows we can never take General Practice for granted and we in the IMO will fight hard to see its position strengthened and more properly resourced in the months and years ahead.”

Dr. Denis McCauley, Chairman of the IMO GP Committee, said: “GPs are there for all people in the community, and keeping up a clear and regular line of contact will lead to the best health outcomes for people across Ireland during this time.“GPs have been there for patients throughout this health crisis and are still there for you now so please don’t put off contact. If you have concerns about Covid-19 or indeed any other issues contact your GP – we are open and available to help in a safe environment.”

The IMO reiterated that General Practice and family doctors are a critical first point of contact for everyone in Ireland no matter what their age or the nature of their illness.


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