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IMO attacks pay boost for Super Junior Ministers

IMO launches strong criticism of Government move to boost pay for 3 “Super Juniors” while new Consultants continue to earn 30% less than their colleagues

“Gross hypocrisy, plain and simple” – Professor Matthew Sadlier

Sunday 26 July 2020.    The Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) has strongly criticised  the Government for passing legislation last week to facilitate pay increases for 3 newly appointed Ministers of State who will have been appointed to sit at the Cabinet table.  The legislation was necessary to facilitate a pay rise of €16,288 for the 3 so-called “Super Juniors” to  ensure that each gets the same pay “bump” for acting in their new roles.

The IMO says that the fact that the legislation was passed within weeks of the formation of the  new Government has shocked many Consultants in Irish hospitals who continue to earn more than 30% less than their colleagues purely based on the date of their employment.  The pay disparity was introduced by the Government in 2012.  At that time the Government introduced this 30% pay cut for newly recruited Consultants only.  It was separate and in addition to other salary cuts imposed on all public sector workers at that time.  As a result there is an inbuilt, substantial pay disparity between Consultants working beside each other.  The IMO has campaigned to end this disparity since 2012.

Speaking today Professor Matthew Sadlier of the IMO Consultant Committee said: “This is gross hypocrisy plain and simple.  The new Government doesn’t want people in the same Super-Junior roles earning different salaries yet they are quiet happy to oversee exactly the same injustice amongst hospital Consultants.  This type of hypocrisy poisons the morale of hospital Consultants and is directly linked to the recruitment and retention crisis which has left over 500 Consultant posts vacant. It is telling that the Government priority is to pay some Ministers more while healthcare workers get a round of applause.”

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