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IMO Victory on Paid Intern Induction

After a hard-fought IMO campaign, we can confirm that intern induction will be paid! This means incoming interns will receive 5 additional paid days, worth over €700.

This outcome is the result of hard work and grassroots organising through the IMO, led by your NCHD colleagues supported by all IMO members across all specialties.

It is a significant victory and a big step forward in righting a wrong that was not defensible.

This builds on the IMO’s run of successes, including:

  • Incremental credit increases for NCHDs with prior degrees in health sciences (worth €2000+ per year)
  • The new Training Support Scheme that provides €750 per year in educational supports for interns, increasing to up to €2000 per year for Higher Specialist Trainees
  • Protections for all rotational trainees against being placed on-call prior to changever

There is more to do as we fight to ensure NCHDs are respected and valued. IMO membership is the way NCHDs support themselves and their colleagues in this fight.

Let’s keep our momentum going. Join now and be part of the thousands of doctors supporting each other and fighting for a better health service.

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