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As HSE unveils €2bn Capital Plan for Health Services, IMO warns the Government is leaving consultants behind

The Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) has welcomed the €2bn Capital Plan for Health Services announced today, but warned that it must be matched by urgent steps to address the recruitment and retention crisis amongst doctors if it is to improve the situation of patients. 


Speaking today, the President of the IMO, Dr. Padraig McGarry, said the Government must match the investment in infrastructure with an investment in critical staff as the service was facing a recruitment and retention crisis amongst doctors across the country.


The IMO is seeking urgent talks with the Minister for Health to address the recruitment and retention crisis. There are currently over 500 consultant posts empty across the country as the HSE fails to persuade doctors to remain practising in Ireland or to return to practice here.


The IMO #FightForFairness campaign links the recruitment and retention crisis directly to the decision of the Government to slash the pay of any consultants appointed after October 2012.  The HSE itself recognises that consultants appointed after that date are paid 32% less than their colleagues with the same qualifications and responsibilities.

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