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IMO statement on Storm Emma aftermath

IMO warns of continuing challenges in delivering essential services and calls on public to limit use of services for emergencies only

The Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) has urged the public to limit use of Emergency Departments and GP surgeries and to be patient as health services slowly return to full capacity.  

Speaking today, Dr. Ann Hogan, President of the IMO, paid tribute to health services staff and to members of the public who had assisted health services staff with practical help such as transport through the storms of the past week; “This has been a very challenging week for those working in our health services and for patients dealing with difficult situations through exceptionally adverse weather conditions.  Once again doctors and health service staff demonstrated their professionalism and selflessness as they did all possible to continue to provide care for patients.  There were countless examples too of wonderful support and of acts of kindness from members of the public and various public services (Gardai, Civil Defence, Fire Brigade and Army) who assisted doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals in very difficult circumstances. We are so proud of our doctors who made it to work through the snow, slept over in hospitals to do additional shifts, opened GP surgeries and continued to staff out of hours services.”  

Dr. Hogan asked for people to be conscious of the fact that health services continue to be challenged by the ongoing weather conditions and that the thaw will bring its own problems.  "it will take some time for GP surgeries and hospitals to clear the backlog which has arisen over the past week.  I know our members are determined to get things back up and running as quickly as possible and I’d ask patients and members of the public to bear with us as we do so.  We ask members of the public to continue to use Emergency Departments, GP surgeries and Out of Hours services only if they require urgent care.”

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