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IMO shock at reported move by Dublin hospital to stop overtime pay

Saturday 6th January 2018.    The Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) has expressed shock at reports that one of the largest hospitals in the country (Connolly Hospital in Blanchardstown Dublin) has told Interns that they will not be paid for any overtime done from next week in the midst of one of the worst crises ever in Irish hospitals.

It is understood that the senior management of the hospital have sent a memo to all consultants and interns in the hospital telling them that Interns will not be paid for work done before 8am or after 5pm despite the fact Interns are routinely expected to work outside these hours and cannot simply leave a ward or a patient when the clock strikes 5pm.

Dr. Paddy Hillery, Chairman of the NCHD Committee of the IMO, said that the move was “inexplicable”.  He called on the HSE to immediately clarify the issue: ‘This crisis demands all-hands-on deck and hospitals should be encouraging and supporting all health professionals for the long hours they are putting in at this time. The Taoiseach and Minister for Health are praising the work done by doctors across the system during this crisis and promising whatever resources are required but this key hospital is trying to save money rather than prioritise patient care in the midst of the crisis.”

Noting that 60% of interns are already planning to emigrate and the country is facing an unprecedented recruitment and retention problem, Dr. Hillery said that moves like this directly encouraged young Irish doctors to emigrate rather than stay in the Irish system where they don’t even get paid for all the work they do.  Dr. Hillery said that such a move is a clear breach of contract and that the IMO would be demanding a reversal from this approach and a commitment that, as per the contract, all hours worked will be paid. 

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